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Watch the match yesterday, Dave?

No, I didn't see the speech either, nor did more than a handful of the undecided. A scare in the polls and a polished performance may prevent a few Tories registering a protest vote and few more envelope stuffers to volunteer at the local Con Club but it ll washes over us out here.
Marriage tax change? Yawn. A tweak here and there means nothing when we actually want a radical cut in the burden. Intrusive state, EU, wasteful health and education spending, global warming, where's the beef?
And wrapping your naked ambition to be PM, at any cost and with any slogan, in the flag is pathetic.


My question to the leaders of all parties: how many public sector employees
do you plan to sack?

You may round your answers to the nearest 250,000.

And, by the way, that is, sack. Not early retirement. Not redeployment to other
departments. Not nothing apart from sack (statutory minimum redundancy may be paid).

Highest number gets my vote.

Simple, eh?

I like your style Brian - but change we change the law to remove statutory minium redundancy first? Their bonus' must surely have been high enough to sort them out.

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