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Danny Pops The Westminster Bubble

Westminster chatter won’t change the result | Daniel Finkelstein - Times Online

Most of politics and most political coverage proceeds as if there was still a reasonable degree of trust. As if the messages were still getting through, still being listened to, still being weighed up. I suppose it would be hard to carry on if the truth were faced.
We will have two separate elections this year, held at the same time but in different worlds. One will feature the traditional knockabout, complete with press conferences, posters and battle buses. The other will screen out the political noise, ignore the political claims, only skim the coverage and feature instead the issues and experiences that voters encounter in their daily life. The result of this second election will be the decisive one.

Bloggers are the same, bloggers who blog about politics are obsessives. Most of them, no names, you can supply them yourselves, are running round the squeaking at excitement and hoping to be let into the gilded cage of Westminster. A few, a very few recognise the utter irrelevancy of what Sir What said to the Right Honourable Whom. Real politics is happening outside the bubble.


As the West Indian cricket team used to say to umpire Richard Bird when they felt he had made a sound decision; spot on, Dickie. Bloggers who are interested in realpolitik are also not in the pay of corporate publishers with a party line to toe. In fact, they are generally not in the pay of anyone, which immediately earns my trust.

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