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Tales from my youth

Milton Friedman did not save Chile | Naomi Klein | guardian.co.uk

If one person deserves credit.. it is .. Salvador Allende, Chile's democratically elected socialist president.
... the country has endured a tragedy that elsewhere would have been an apocalypse … It's not by chance that Chileans were living in houses of brick – and Haitians in houses of straw –when the wolf arrived to try to blow them down...the reason Chile is a prosperous nation with "some of the world's strictest building codes.

Thatcher Out! Support The Miners! Free Nelson Mandela! It is reassuring to be reminded that in Guardian World somethings never change.


Oh dear.

Please accept my heartfelt apologies on behalf of all Canadians for foisting Naomi on you. She is a tedious leftie-loonie from way back. I note that another shrill Canadian harridan often pops up in The Grauniad as well: the execrable Heather Mallick.

Time was, we sent our Max Aitkens, Roy Thompsons and Conrad Blacks to the Old Country to give Fleet Street a bit of a jolt.

It has now come down to the likes of Naomi "No Logo" Klein. SIC TRANSIT GLORIA.

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