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Death By Resource Allocation

Fire chief: I was right to forbid shaft rescue - Scotsman.com News

Mr Stewart, of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, had arrived at the scene of the accident to take care of media duties. But when he found himself the senior officer at the top of the disused mine shaft, the 38-year-old decided to take command of firefighters who were poised to mount a rescue mission.
Mr Stewart, who has 17 years' service, explained why he stopped the paramedic going into the hole, even though he was harnessed up and ready to go.
He said: "I spoke to the paramedic and asked him some questions, if he was trained to work at height, or in confined spaces or familiar with any fire and rescue kit.
"The answer to all of those questions was that he was not trained in any of them.
"I explained to them as the officer in charge I could not let him access an area like that without appropriate training or equipment.
"It was not my intention to allow any more resources into that shaft."

"Resources" "Media Duties" "Appropriate Training" - When firemen start talking like this all is lost,


So basically a PR officer made the decision to leave someone to die rather than rescue them.

As the senior officer surely he must be liable for a charge of negligence contributing to her death in not having the appropriate resources to hand to rescue this woman? He can't claim to have the authority to stop the rescuers doing their job and then evade the reponsibility for the outcome. It's an either/or...either he f###s off and leaves the guys to do their work, or he takes charge and goes to jail when he f###s it up....which is what should happen now.

I find this extremely disgusting, an officer stands there and will not allow his men to do their job, he gets the sack when? His next appointment should be in front of a Judge, charged with manslaughter then to gaol. Mind you, the men? don't deserve much sympathy either, the order was improper and should have been disobeyed.

It is quite incredible that this man, instead of hanging his head in shame and resigning forthwith, attempts to justify his abhorrent and lethal jobsworthism.

At least, it would be incredible in any other country than Broon's Britain, or in any age but this.

How on earth did we come to sink so low?

He is now quote today as saying

"At this point a firefighter had already been sent down the mine shaft to assist Ms Hume.
Mr Stewart said if he had been in control at the outset he would not have allowed that officer to go down the hole. "

"Towards the end of his evidence, Mr Stewart said he felt that the operation had been a success because the casualty, and the firefighter who was with her, had both been removed without any injury to any other person. "


It is somewhat ironic that, if he was sent to handle to media, he has perhaps probably done more damage to the reputation of Strathclyde Fire Brigade than anyone else in recent times.

"Towards the end of his evidence, Mr Stewart said he felt that the operation had been a success because the casualty, and the firefighter who was with her, had both been removed without any injury to any other person."

The operation was a success but the patient died.

As a senior officer with 17 years service and experience why did he not go into the hole after refusing to let the
paramedic do so. Honestly this makes my blood boil, I have been living in Germany now for 16 years and I know that
the police and rescue services here often exceed what is expected of them, yes it is a calculated risk, but the people
on site know what they are capable of doing with equipment they have on hand. To let someone die because of some pencil
pushers memo, who probably has never been at the pointy end makes me puke. That´s all I have to say about that.

The obvious solution would have been to remove him from the scene so his temporary insanity does not harm rescue efforts and carry on saving that lady, and sort out any problems and complaints later.

The team failed as much as the leader here, the old excuse of 'I was only following orders' went out of fashion in 1945.

So an effing pr officer, whose duty is to protect the public image of the Fire Brigade, has the authority to countermand the decisions of the operational commander.

Welcome to the world of the political officer like what the Soviets used to have and the Chinese and North Koreans still have.

yes it´s me again. i´m still dancing around in rage and frustration. the remittance man has the point.

People wake up and take hold of your lives, we are not sheep, question your superiors when you have doubts
I personally would have gone down with a lump of old rope if it could have saved somebodies life..

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