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Met Office Admits Can't Forecast Beyond Five Days

BBC News - Met Office seasonal forecasts to be scrapped

"..the science does not exist to allow an exact forecast beyond five days, or to absolutely promise a certain type of weather."
It said the UK is one of the hardest places to provide forecasts for due to its "size and location", making it "very hard to forecast much beyond a week".
However, it said its short-term forecasts are "extremely accurate".
The Met Office added that it would work towards developing the science of long range forecasting.


More than 5 days? Nah, too hard.

50 years? No problem.

In one respect, this is fine: While I can remember not being able to rely on forecasts of two days out, the five-day forecast now seems fairly good; progress has been made. And the Met will try for further improvement - which, of course, all those involved in weather/climate predicting are doing in any case.

But will they admit that they cannot really predict that the tenperature in 100 years will be two degrees warmer rather than one degree? Indeed, can they really prove that it will not be three degrees colder? That there are far too many variables for humans to account for them in computer programs, even should the computers be capable of handling all the data and computation?

Lol, those patzers don't even get the local observations right, let alone the forecasts...

Is it because they can't get the right quality seaweed since climate change?

With not one but two Kray super computers at Bracknell they can't bloody well tell us what the weather will be like next Monday yet somehow they can predict the temperature in 2100 down to the last decimal place.

Yeah, right.

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