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Best Street in Britain? Google Fail

The general public was called upon by Google Street View to nominate their favourite streets...Strong contenders for the Most Picturesque Street include New College Lane in Oxford...

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Many a time I have walked down there on my way for some late night sustenance, follow the street in the video above and see if you agree.

But, but, but the camera doesn't go through the arch to carry on down
Queen's Lane

And you can't go up Queen's Lane to get to the prettiest bit either.

If Google is going to send out PR on streets at least they could actually bloody photograph them.


After a lot of faffing about, I,virtually, managed to get as far as a barrier in the East end of the lane. High, grey, walls either side and the lane either stops or goes under a building. Not very picturesque.

Tried again and got a bit closer to the end. Next to some blue drainpipe there's an archway leading South. Is that the one you meant?
Still not picturesque.
Lots of sandblasting ( or whatever they used on Leeds town hall ) needed to get rid of the crud of ages.

(TE - Yes through the big arch that goes south the street winds past a garden and finer buildings, until it reaches the other bit I link to)

On your way to the Turf Tavern, perhaps.

Is it possible that the vehicle couldn't get under that arch with the camera mast? I also noticed that an entire 200m segment of Queen's Lane is not covered. Is this by any chance university (i.e., Queen's College) property or is it a public right of way?

I only ask because I discovered a little while ago that my house in Northwest London isn't on Streetview. That's because it was on a private estate and the Streetview vehicles weren't given permission to enter. You can go right up to the estate entrance on Streetview but no further.

Perhaps something like that has occurred with regards to this segment of Queen's Lane? Or is the reason even simpler: the narrow road was inaccessible to the vehicle.

I must admit, I'm a Streetview fan. I use it fairly regularly to go for long nostalgic "walks" in places like London, Paris and Rome.

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