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Bob Ward and Erroneous Tree Rings

Bob Ward | guardian.co.uk

"hide the decline".

As is now well known, this phrase was referring to the practice of adding the instrumental temperatures since the 1960s to a proxy record compiled from tree rings that erroneously indicated a cooling over the last four decades of the 20th century.

The tree rings just happen to be in error on the recent bit of temperature history where we can check them, but are obviously right back 700 years ago, yeah right.


When I read your points it almost sounds as if you expected fair, unbiased data and analysis from the Mann Made Global Warming scammers....shurely shome mistake?

I think by now that we all, other than the BBC and the Met Office, have realised that nothing, absolutely nothing, that these people publish can now be relied on. The source data has been cherry picked, anything they choose to use has then been heavily "adjusted" - twice, and then the summaries are changed after they've been signed off so they reflect any conclusion the scammers decide is right for them.

Perhaps the trees are reading correctly...

I suspect some of the 'warming' we have 'experienced' comes from mashing surface temperature data with satellite data with the former being fiddled upwards to match the latter. The satellite data is much more complete coverage compared to the surface data. There is a mid-century hump in temps for the 20th Century - could this be due to much better coverage from the war effort, especially for ocean temperatures?

I could sort of see that, assuming the mystical teleconnection for paleoclimatology is correct, tree records will only reflect land temperatures. Might land temperatures be a consistent amount lower due to stronger convection cooling? This could explain why increasing the amount of sea surface data makes temps appear to go upwards and when we achieved good coverage of sea surface temps the temperature appear to plateau.

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