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Bang Tofu King Rights

Don’t mock my lentils: vegans to get discrimination rights - Times Online

VEGANS and teetotallers are to be given the same protection against discrimination as religious groups, under legislation championed by Harriet Harman, the equalities minister.
A code of practice explaining the legal implications of the equality bill states that religions need not be mainstream or well known for their adherents to gain protection. “A belief need not include faith or worship of a god or gods, but must affect how a person lives their life or perceives the world.”
The code, drawn up by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, singles out vegans, who do not eat any animal products or wear leather, as meriting protection from religious discrimination.

Do hard drinking carnivores also merit protection, or are they not girly enough to need it?


You can be sure that smokers won't be protected against discrimination.

First of all - that's the best headline possible on the matter.

You make an interesting point. The best response to all those crying out for 'protection' is 'You are weak. I smoke and drink and eat salt and fat and everyone hates me and I don't need my hand held by some stinking commission'.

In this case, the vegans have not asked for protection. Just as well because it's not what they'll get. The government has been looking for ways to cut meat consumption for a long time, then they went quiet. Now, all of a sudden, they are concerned about vegans being offended.

No vegan will complain. Some Banmeister will lodge an anonymous complaint on their behalf in the works canteen and meat will vanish. It's not the vegans who complained, but you can be certain they'll get the blame.

That's how it works. Ban it as soon as someone else is set up to take the blame.

If they offer to protect you without you asking for it, brace yourself. You're about to get the blame for something.

Harriet, sweet Harriet! Still happily drilling holes in the Labour boat as the election storm builds.

Britain is not doomed. That is future. The native British people already live in Hell. I thank my grandparents for having the sense to flee these many years ago.

"Do hard drinking carnivores also merit protection, or are they not girly enough to need it?"

No. We eat our opposition whilst raging in our cups, but I think smokers may well find a rich seam of entertainment to be mined... :)

You Brits are the canary in the coalmine for we Canucks and Yanks. Your Big Govt/Big Brother run amuck is a beautifully revolting spectacle. A warning to all.

Now, if you folks could just show us how to handle it, save us the trouble, as it were.

Good luck.

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