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Freedom for Scottish Schools Inches Nearer

Scottish Tory proposals aim for less state control of education - Times Online

Scotland’s Education Secretary last night gave a guarded welcome to Conservative proposals for new schools funded by the taxpayer but run by independent charities or trusts. Such schools would be free to set their own priorities but could not seek private funding or operate a selective admissions policy.
In a surprising a response to the policy announcement, Michael Russell said he was open to “interesting proposals” and wanted debate on diverse forms of education delivery. He is to travel to Sweden — which operates a scheme like the one Conservatives want to import — on a fact-finding mission this weekend.

Another step closer to a better system, and refreshing it is across party boundaries. If only the Tories weren't so scared of, and Labour so in the pay of, the Education Establishment in England...


The problem is, the Scots don't want it.

I served on a Scottish school board once (equiv to board of governors in England) and there was a man there - a parent, elected to the board - who started off the very first meeting by saying he was only on the board to make sure the school never opted out of Local Authority control, and he invited us there and then to pass a resolution stating that we would never seek to do so; a motion which, as chairman, I vetoed as being unconstitutional and illegal.

That shows you the Scottish statist mentality. You can put freedom on a plate for them to pick up, and they just sneer at you. Slavery and red tape is preferable, thank you very much. You can keep your lousy rotten responsibility and independence, that's not for the likes of us, seems to be the view; the council runs everything, and should run everything, and nobody should be enabled even to question that, ever.

This is how you get the likes of Michael Martin running things.

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