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Irrelevant Chatter on Minimum Pricing

Ordinary drinkers 'have nothing to fear' from minimum alcohol pricing - Scotsman.com News

As both the Scottish and Westminster parliaments debated the issue, the chair of the House of Commons health select committee, Kevin Barron, called for the measure to stem increasing rates of addiction and the multi-billion pound cost to society in terms of treatment and crime...

And not a mention about the EU court upholding opposition to minimum pricing.
They can blather on as much as they like in their expensive talking shops but the EU rules on this, not them. I don't expect the politicians to acknowledge this inconvenient truth, but you would think a journalist might.



They railroaded us into the illegal Constitution (no referendum as required so it's never been legal) and now find they dont have the powers they thought they had - because they gave them away.

I hope they all rot in hell.

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