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Public Doubt in CAGW Won't Last

Slide in climate change belief is a temporary glitch | Damian Carrington | guardian.co.uk

Is the world warming and are we causing it? The number of people confidently saying yes to that question has slipped sharply over recent weeks, if opinion polls on both sides of the Atlantic are to be believed. That looks like bad news for those arguing that major changes to how we travel, power our homes and feed ourselves are needed to avoid catastrophe....
it seems it took a perfect storm of snow, scientific doubt and political failure to dent public acceptance of the reality of global warming by about 10%.....
For greens that could be encouraging, as all those factors will fade. For sceptics, it's more likely to be worrying, as they have never had it so good in recent years.

The genie can be put back in the bottle...


Scotch? Could do with a drop right now.

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