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ManBearPig to Eat All the Polar Bears

US to lobby for endangered species listing for polar bear | Environment | guardian.co.uk

"Sea ice changes will likely negatively impact polar bears by increasing energetic demands of seeking prey. As changes in habitat become more severe and seasonal rates of change more rapid, catastrophic mortality events that have yet to be realised on a large scale are expected to occur."
It adds: "A precautionary approach, which includes polar bears in Cites appendix I, is necessary to ensure that primarily commercial trade does not compound the threats posed to the species by loss of habitat."

Can you spot the weasel words which give away the truth that problem they want to solve doesn't yet exist?


I'm very tempted to buy one of these for my humble abode: http://www.bearskin-rugs.com/polar-bear-rugs-c-62.html

Btw, term of the week, found in a comment in the Guardian to describe scientific fraudsters(just like the ones who published the rubbish above): Scamademics.

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