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Timmy Too Late Elsewhere

Adonis strategy on drink-driving is the absolute limit | Tim Worstall - Times Online
The basic deal in Britain between rulers and ruled is that we’ll obey the laws as long as they don’t make any obviously stupid ones...we aren’t scofflaws because we tend not to have laws at which we scoff. .

Too late, Timmy, too late. The law is openly scoffed because of overlegislation, and we are all poorer for that.

4,300: How Labour has created a new crime every day since 1997 - Times Online
4,300 offences created by the Labour government since 1997 — an avalanche of legislation. It equates to an average of 28 offences every month since Labour came to power and it is getting worse. Under Gordon Brown the creation of offences has risen to 33 a month.
For the period since the war to around the 1980s you saw one major criminal justice bill each decade, but since 1997 we’ve seen more than 50.


True....mea maxima culpa but I did only have 450 words.....

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