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Paying for the fantasy

Energy bills to go up with tough EU clampdown on greenhouse gas emissions - Times Online

Energy bills will rise but thousands of jobs could be created in green industries under a European plan to impose the world’s most stringent restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.
The Government will today support a proposal tabled in Brussels for a new, much more onerous EU target for cutting carbon dioxide...The EU has already gone farther than the rest of the world by making a legally binding commitment to cut emissions by 20 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020. It is now preparing to raise the target to 30 per cent despite the failure of December’s climate change summit in Copenhagen.
The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has calculated the cost to Britain of its contribution to the 30 per cent target but is refusing to publish the research.
A DECC spokeswoman said: “It is the UK’s view that, given the right conditions, the EU should move to 30 per cent.”
She said that the DECC had rejected a request under the Freedom of Information Act for details of the cost of moving to the 30 per cent target “because we feel it would weaken the UK negotiating position in climate negotiations”.

The EU at Work, The Planned Destruction of Our Industry, The Belief in Subsidised Jobs, CO2 Reduction Targets, Official Secrecy and The Cavalier Attitude to Our Money - where to start?


Difficult to know what to say to this and to control the language.
The DECC, a bunch of loony marxist control freaks who want to bring this once great country to it's last gasp of breath, we are already on our knees, thanks to the remarkable profligacy of our Hubristic "an end to boom and bust" Chancellor now PM.
With breath - taking arrogance they state that this country must cut emissions by (er think of a figure calculation) 30% yes thats correct effin 30%, madness, utter birdbrained madness!
All for an increasingly dubious wild hypothetical 'jab in the dark' that CO2 produced by mankind is somehow causing dangerous warming.......unbelievable, even if it were the case, reducing emissions by any arbitrary figure is not a guarantee of changing anything, further that we have had a mild warming in the last 150 years, is of considerable benefit to the human race, trying to mitigate a benefit is bonkers.
This is not about science or even altruistic concern for fellow mankind, it is a blatant power grab by the politburo of the EUSSR and by the Marxist nutters in Nu-Labour, control the people by lies and subterfuge and scare mongering, whilst they wander dazed from the assault...... tax them till the pips squeak.
Dumb down their education and fill the childrens heads with inane global warming lunacy but not with true facts and knowledge and the provision of how to reason.
Who are these people of the DECC, they are aparatchiks and yes men, not concerned of you or me but to serving their empty headed masters, who wouldn't know a data set if it hit them betwixt the eyes, that is what we are dealing with here - a faceless and cold beaurocracy/hegemony which is self serving.
The man in the street is disenfranchised by the EU, here in Britain we can protest through the ballot box - vote for anybody in the coming election but never, never Nu-labour.
I hope for the collapse of the euro and infighting in the eurozone to break out into meaningful seccession - bring it on.

I knew things were bad, but this? Thirty percent? By 2020?

There are only two ways this might be done. One would be to build a lot of nuclear power plants and shut down all the fossil fuel plants. Similar to the way old Eastern Block coal plants were shut down when those countries were released from their Soviet status (only to find themselves now in much the same mess, called the EU). Won't happen. Especially considering those plants were shut down by relacing their power with fossil-fuel energy anyway, just from more emissions-reduced plants.

The other is to reduce energy demand. And no, that does not even mean using candles for living at home - lots of CO2 given off by candles. Perhaps dusk-to-dawn shut-down of all industry, including cooking food? No, reduction of population is the only sure way of ensuring lower consumption. I hope it won't happen. But given the Ehrlich-to-Hansen-to Gore direct lineage over here in the US, I wonder.

Energy prices will rise "but" thousands of jobs will be created.

As if the jobs were a benefit.

No, they are a COST. A cost of this unbridled lunacy.

What it should say is that energy prices will rise IN ORDER TO create thousands of uneconomic non-jobs, which we need in order to fail in our attempts to control a problem that doesn't exist.

That our masters are thinking of doing all this in the middle of the worst recession for sixty years is mind-boggling.

The hubris of the Leviathan State is almost unbelievable.

It will not be brought low in our lifetimes, I fear.

If they carry on this way, it's an end to boom and bust all right; from now on we'll have only bust and bust. Thankfully there's an undercurrent of growing strength forming from those who've seen it all before. Slowly, surely, sneakily if necessary, British industry can be rebuilt.

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