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Country is going to the Poodles

Police back Hampshire village’s patrols against antisocial behaviour - Times Online

When Marilyn Hebbron bought her house by the green in a Hampshire village she had not planned to become a crime-fighting pioneer.
It was only after she was kept awake night after night by youths who congregated on the green, and woke up morning after morning to find the green littered with bottles, drug paraphernalia and occasional comatose teenagers, that she decided to act.
She rallied her middle-class neighbours in the village of Four Marks and organised street patrols...She said: “Parties were being held until 4am on the green with lots of noise and inappropriate sexual behaviour. Come daylight teenagers would still be lying about on the roads.

Bloody incomers ruining the traditional rural way of life with their la-di-da oh so bloody nice, just a glass of Pinot Grigio, lace curtain twitching, pursed mouth tutting views of life. What are the local kids meant to do now if they can't party with lots of noise and "inappropriate sexual behaviour" on the village green?


Sorry to burst your bubble but she isn't an incomer having lived in Alton for over 20 years and brought up her 2 kids in the village so has a long personal history and experience of the area. So if you want to take cheap pot shots at people, please get your facts straight. Your charicature of my Aunt is offensive. She so does not represent the picture you paint.

I can only hope that your comment is the result of a long Sunday evening staring into the bottom of a glass or bottle. Hopefully you didn't wake up this morning lying in the gutter. More likely in your nice comfy bed somewhere not affected by the behavious of out of control teens.

This is lazy blogging as it is too easy to randomly take up some story from the MSM and do a character assassination on someone you don't know. Unfortunately you picked on someone I do know.

It seems that whenever someone wants to stand up and take action these days all they can expect is to be smeared as closet vigilantes rather than normal reasonable human beings. And the positve outcome of Marilyn's action is that the kids have got somewhere to go of their own and the pensioners in the village can shop and go out in safety.

Oh and by the way I don't mind if you delete this post. I won't be reading your blog anymore if this is the level you have sunk to.

Erm, Rossa. Read the post again with your irony chip in 'active' mode. Then you'll get the joke.

Come off it Stickers - Rossa is right. Your comment sounded exactly like a nulabor politician want to wreck the life of anyone middle class.

Sorry guys, can't you see the gag? As for being New Labour John; 'Them thars fightin words!'

Apologise forthwith, or be horsewhipped on the steps of your club sirrah!

"Police back Hampshire village’s patrols against antisocial behaviour"
I wonder, how exactly are parties and promiscuity 'antisocial'?


The ironic form of simile, or the irony of sarcasm or litotes may involve the emphasis of one's meaning by deliberate use of language that states the direct opposite of the truth, or which drastically and obviously understates a factual connection.


It was written Tongue in cheek, in my view. Do get a sense of humour.

I admit I do not always immediately "get" some humor, but this post was so blatantly meant as such I do wonder about those who did not so read it.

But then, yes, there is an actual problem, certainly here in the States, of people moving to places without as much money-grabbing restricting "feel-good" government who promptly agitate to import the very things they fled. E.g., move to the country, then fight to stop the country practice of keeping a horse or small flock of sheep.

Yeah, you Brits always do have your troubles with irony, don't you?

Signed, A Yank

(Seriously, a large minority of the audience of any satire will take it as an attack on motherhood and apple pie, or the local equivalents thereof.)

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