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I have a little list...from the TaxPayers Alliance

The public sector trade union UNISON recently launched an online video which claimed that cutting public spending meant leaving people without 999 operators, bin men or nurses.
In response, we now present an edited version of their film, which demonstrates the wide range of absurd non-jobs throughout the public sector which could be abolished without any impact at all on front line services.
All of these jobs are real posts in various branches of the public sector.


I find it disturbing that these 'jobs' listed in the modified ad are actually paid for by the government (read: taxpayer). What the hell is a TOTEM POLE ARTIST (to name but one) actually getting paid to do?

The Devil's Kitchen has a post and comments on the same subject:


There is no-one being employed as a Totem Pole Artist. It was a proposal for a three week arts project for a thousand children to keep them busy during the holidays designing and creating totem poles. The cost was £600 - less than 50 pence per child and funded by the lottery, not taxpayers. In short, a really great summer holiday activity giving many, many young people something constructive and interesting to do, rather than hanging around on street corners.

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