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The Future is Girly Men

Masculine faces appeal most to women in countries where disease is rife | guardian.co.uk

Women who live in healthier countries prefer more feminine-looking men, compared with women living in regions where life-threatening diseases are rife, psychologists say. Their research suggests masculine men have the greatest appeal for women who live in areas where a strong genetic make-up is critical for survival.
Women in Mexico, one of the least healthy countries in the study, preferred masculinised faces 54% of the time, compared with only 32% of the time for women in Sweden, which is one of the healthiest countries in the world. In Britain, women preferred the more masculine faces 43% of the time.

So where genetic fitness is less important it is less important, and it is only going to get less so. Sometimes I'm glad I'm out of the running.


"A country's disease rates influence women's preference for masculine or feminine-looking faces . . . ." Ah, the cum hoc ergo propter hoc falacy raises its head again. Journalists have proven their complete disregard for logic, so it is probably safe to assume they can't read Latin either.

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