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Scottish Salmon Slicers Claim Subsidies

'Energy bonanza' to power 750,000 homes - Scotsman.com News

SCOTLAND has taken a world-leading role in the emerging multi-billion-pound marine energy industry by approving ten projects with the potential to power almost a third of the country's homes.
First Minister Alex Salmond said Scotland could "rule the waves", as he unveiled the seven winners of a fierce two-year competition for leases that attracted applications from 20 companies worldwide. It is estimated the projects could create as many as 5,000 jobs in Scotland.
Today, the UK government will unveil its latest energy strategy, which includes more funding to drive forward the low-carbon industry.
However, there were warnings that huge challenges remain before the marine energy sector, which is relatively unproven, can take off. And taxpayers will have to fork out an estimated £1bn to create new infrastructure, such as an upgraded electricity grid and overhauled ports.
The investment needed for the ten projects would be, at about £4bn, similar to the cost of a new nuclear reactor. This will have to be funded entirely by the companies that won the ten leases, which also include Scottish and Southern Energy and E.on, bringing a likely cost to the consumer.
Prof Salter called for more financial support from government and added: "All they have done is say, 'Right, you can use your allotment, here's your licence'. They are not giving them the money for it. We are not doing enough at the moment.
"The guys who are doing this are desperately short of money."

Tidal power seems to be more sensible than wind but they are all only very happy because Scottish jobs are being created on the UK's taxpayers dollar, and that is seen as a success. Jobs Is Costs not a benefit.


If humans can change the climate via simply living then won't taking energy from the ocean have an impact of the oceans themselves. Energy cannot be created merely converted. So what is the impact of slowing the winds across the planet by using it to power windmills? Slowing the ocean surges by taking power from the waves?

As we have seen many times the governments solution to a problem is worse than the problem itself.

(Hopefully this just exploded some Greenies head)

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