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Best Drive in Wiltshire?

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I can't think of many better drives than the one I did today, anywhere in the world. Enjoy looking round with Google StreetView. (It is a shame they haven't got the pedestrian view from the terrace in Shaftesbury or from the Pub's balcony.)


right by the door of the cottage I was brought up in.... Google call it West Tisbury, we locals call it Newtown.
A more famous West Tisbury is over the pond on the Island of Martha's Vineyard.... considerably smarter than the one where I spent my first seven years..... and my ancestors at least 12 generations.

Actually, I could say the same for just about ANY drive in Wiltshire. Feeling a little homesick for the Castle right now, Boss...

always liked the Marlborough-Rockley Road or the Hungerford-Aldbourne. On a bike they're fantastic cept when you come off on ice

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