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Pushbike Prats

Bloody tax-dodgers! (And there’s millions of ‘em) – I Pay Road Tax

Some motorists feel they own the road because “they pay for it”. Some hate on cyclists for being ‘tax-dodgers’ even though roads are paid for by general taxation not road tax, which was finally abolished in 1936, a process started by Winston Churchill in 1926. [It's car tax, not road tax - the clue is in the real name, Vehicle Excise Duty].

It's not a car tax, I can keep and drive whatever large engined monster i like on private property and roar around the estate as fast as i like belching out as much CO2 as I like without paying a penny. It is a tax to have a car on the road. Nice smooth shiny back stuff that makes it possible for you lycra wrapped numpties to pointlessly pedal in circles. Shut up and don't try and be the pedantic smart arse.


Nice smooth shiny back stuff? Not in this town. More pot-holes than Sarajevo. (The cycle lanes are immaculate, of course, because the cyclists all use the pavement.)

The revenue from vehicle excise duty more than covers the cost of providing and maintaining roads- the balance is used for general expenditure. Taxing cyclists would be highly impractical (tax on children's bikes anyone), the tax rate would be more to cover the cost of enforcement than anything else- and I for one don't want another army of prodnoses, there are more than enough of them already. Live and let live- and that applies to motorists, horseriders, cyclists and pedestrians.

Too true, but only on the fact that you can drive around your own land without paying VED. However, VED is not a road tax; it's not a tax to use the Highways and the revenue is not earmarked for building or maintenance. It just happens that it's an offence to drive a motor vehicle without a valid tax disc; ...or at least I think that's the case. I don't drive so I'm not an expert on such matters.

And in reply to Ian Bennett: the cycle lanes (if they aren't, as the case is almost all of the time, inadequate) are immaculate (not in Cambridge, because motor vehicles insist on using them too) because the weight of a cyclist (60 kg; I'm quite thin) plus the weight of the bike (15-20 kg?) is a vast amount less than the weight of a car and its driver (>800 kg + 60 kg) and this is why the roads are in a state of repair. The more buses / the more HGVs, ...the more heavy vehicles, the worse the surface will suffer. That's basic physics, but I'm sure you can understand that.

What about pedestrians? They to benefit from the road ;-)

I think the problem is the tax itself -- we all benefit from roads in some way, so taxing people individually is unfair and leads to resentment and extra (expensive) collection methods.

What a twat. Small intellect, small dick, large car to compensate?

Presumably if you do not fill in a SORN declaration for the large engined monster that your drive on private property then they will fine you heavily?

There was a discussion elsewhere recently on how the SORN declaration has become yet another way to make money out of motorists even if they are not using their car.

We cyclsts don't need roads, but since you drivers have put asphalt all over our paths the least you can do is let us keep using them ;-)

In any case, there's a simple reason that cars are taxed and bikes aren't; it's easier. Governments tax income and sales because there is cash for the taking, and they tax the possession of things like cars because it's fairly easy to justify, as long as they can stop us thinking about it.

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