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Turn Hadrian's Wall around

Drought, refugees, revolution and war – military prepares for climate doomsday

Gwynne Dyer, an influential lecturer in international affairs, said if the climate continues to change at its current rate there will be global conflict in decades.
Tens of millions of climate refuges unable to feed themselves in their own dried-up countries will aim for places like Scotland where conditions will remain favourable.

If Scotland is the answer then we are in deep, deep trouble.


Gwynne Dyer is an intellectual arthitic. He is an English expat, like me, who lives off his Englishness as a "wise observer" (my phrase). He talks gibberish well to Canadians. But, he is ignorant and is just a mouthpiece for the Canadian political establishment and their champagne dinner circuit.

Note that I didn't refer to him as Welsh, which is the worst of all possioble insults :-)

Well if we need to rebuild Hadrians Wall to help the Scots keep the rest of the world out then i suspect that it will be English money that pays for it. That is if we have any left after the bankers and politicians have drunk their fill at the trough.

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