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Help record the warming spring

Welcome to Nature’s Calendar
Here you can record and view seasonal events that show the impact of climate change on our wildlife.

Over the past 30 years phenology has provided biologists with clear evidence that spring is arriving earlier.

Richard, our science advisor also comments on a regular query we receive ‘if climate change is happening, why isn’t this year as warm as last?’

Scratching around to find a trend in the observations are we?


Phenology. Is that related to Phrenology by any chance? You know, telling the future by reading someone's bumps?

Enquiring minds wish to know.

I believe that cranial size & shape as a guide to intelligence has undergone something of a rehabilitation. Dont tell our lefty friends though.

Funny how the early appearance of spring flowers (caused by the weather) is attributed to global warming (climate), but low winter temperatures (also weather) don't contradict global warming. Only alarmists are allowed to conflate weather and climate, and only when it suits them.

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