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Oxfam Exposes Richard North Conspiracy

Left Tit Forward brings us news that Oxfam has commissioned a fascinating new study into the way climate sceptics’ networks operate. (What do you mean you thought Oxfam was about feeding starving babies...)
It discovered that the sceptic community is extraordinarily well-networked and interwoven, with sites like Climate Audit and Climate Depot acting as hubs for a wide range of other individual pundits and bloggers.
Blah de blah, conspiracy, shadowy paymasters blah, right wing think tanks you know how will all go.
They can't understand individuals getting on and actually doing something that they believe in with out having to belong to some huge organisation.
And the quality of the research that little old ladies bought with their Oxfam donations is such that it exposes a link between Richard North and Eu Referendum.

That proves it.




Weird. I for one of never taken a penny from Big Oil, and I do sometimes worry about oil running out at some distant point in the future, but I stopped believing this climate change stuff a couple of years ago, the whole thing just doesn't stack up. Surely Big Oil can't have half the population in its pocket?

The well funded, well organised sceptic community is a phantom. It exists for at least two reasons:

1. The alarmists cannot comprehend individuals and loose, small collectives doing this off their own bat, on their own dollar, in their spare time. Alarmists require vast gobs of taxpayer funding so it stands to (their) reason that opponents picking spots off them must likewise be well funded and well connected. All that money and all that 'talent' has produced a pile of crap and it would shatter their confidence (and livelihoods) to admit it.

2. Talking up this bogeyman spurs politicians ever onwards to throw more and more money and more and more influence at those who bravely depict themselves as fighting this made up conspiracy.

Yet the reality is pro-AGW science has received enormous amounts of funding and got little concrete to show for it. It is a mania that has rotted science to it's very core. Even bribing Big Oil with carbon capture funding and big business with emissions trading didn't work because the science that underpins it all is not certain.

They may come to regret drawing networks like that. A very quick look I put in the comments at Richard's place showed all sorts of connections.
Nice to see the complete independence of the IPCC demonstrated!

Well, now we know that Oxfams funding it, don't we? Form an orderly queue to the right.

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