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Pre-emptive self defence against a soft drink

Policeman who hit G20 protester with baton mistook drink carton for weapon, court hears | The Guardian

A police sergeant twice struck a female G20 protester with a metal baton in what he said was "self-defence" after mistaking a carton of orange juice in her hand for a weapon, a court heard today.

Delroy Smellie, 47, a sergeant in the Metropolitan police, said he lashed out at Nicola Fisher, 36, in a "pre-emptive strike" during a confrontation outside the Bank of England on 2 April last year.

No comment as the case continues


Well it's quite a feasible mistake actually. I know of a case where an ex SAS man mistook a childs water pistol for a real machine gun and telephoned the police, with alarming consequences to the owner!

One hand held the orange juice, the other was holding her nose. Sgt Smellie was unamused.

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