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Bohemian Badgers Rhapsody

Queen guitarist Brian May calls proposed badger cull ‘genocide’ - Times Online Badgers.jpgmay%20and%20dobson.jpg

“This would be genocide. To me, countries do not matter; badgers are not British, they belong to the world and they belong to everyone.”
He said that it made no more sense than if it could be proved that by killing all ginger-haired people smallpox could be eradicated.

Thanks Professor for the insight, just don't let your hair go grey in a streak....

Photo - Not a Pair of Badgers,

Or is it?



Well, I suppose if I had his wealth, countries might mean less to me than my latest hobby. Unfortunately, those who have to deal with the real world and real threats get a tad cheesed off with the fashionista's fads.

How does that song go again?

Airheads (by Queen)

Red light warning
Break down coming
Red light warning
People round here call me an airhead
People round here know I like a bottle of wine
People round here think I'm better off dead
The folks round here call me an airhead
The folks round here ain't too refined

Uh Huh!

I love celebrities.

They do say the darn'dest things, don't they?

I do wish they'd realize that they're not like grown-up people in the real world though.

"To me, countries do not matter (Brian May)"

Green Charlie:

I wonder if May considers the regulatory mechanisms that protect his wealth and intellectual property as unimportant too? After all, if countries "do not matter", neither do their constitutional and legal governances!

Good point!

May your tribe increase!


They really do look like Alistair Darling, don't they?

(The ones on the left, I mean!)

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