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Google Exposes @ Myth

Where it’s @ — symbol time forgot becomes modern icon at a stroke - Times Online
“The @ symbol is now part of the very fabric of life all over the world,” said Paola Antonelli, senior curator of the Department of Architecture and Design. “It has truly become a way of expressing society’s changing technological and social relationships, expressing new forms of behavior and interaction in a new world,” she said.

Google has never heard of an @, so I don't believe it exists.


Can't trust anything you read without checking.....


You get the same result if you try to search on any punctuation mark - ":", ".", ","

Google does not search by punctuation.

as my favourite blogger of the last year seems to of dissappeared of the face of the planet due to political correctness, I believe I'm going to have to start following you.

Long Live Mr FM!

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