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My Local Tory Candidate Lays Her Climate Cards On The Table

Climate quiz night in Marlborough (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

Ms Claire Perry (Conservative) laid her cards on the table. She said: “I am of the 27 per cent of people who believe climate change is happening and is man made.

“It is imperative for the sovereignty of the country that there is appropriate technology to clean out carbon dioxide.

“Even if you don’t believe humans are causing climate change, you have to recognise there is an enormous and growing economy in green technology. We need energy security and there are massive business opportunities staring us in the face.”

Stick to the pots, love. I don't think I will be wearing your rosette.


She got one thing right we do need energy security but at the cheapest price. Where is this growing economy in green technology, not China, India or Timbuktu and the US will shelve plans for it for the foreseeable future being the price for passing Health care. Not the EU they will carry on Nuclear and build there own. Where are these people coming from, the people of the UK don't want it and this time the government can't impose it cause they ain't got the money. So she has thrown away lots of votes on a meaningless comment.

It beggars belief ... I guess she is one of the 27% who have completely lost contact with reality - and her constituents.

So, you're getting one of the women/gay/black/transvestite candidates dropped into safe so that the Conservatives can show how modern and relevant they are?

I'd love to see some local voters show their absolute disgust at the 3rd rate people they're going to get because of this and vote elsewhere (like the Labour voters in that all-women shortlist seat).

Nothing against wemen/gay/black/transvestite, if they're the best candidate for the job.

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