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Time for us to go European say Tories and Labour

Labour and Tories back clock change to give extra hour of daylight | The Observer

Labour and the Tories have been influenced by environmental, road safety and tourism campaigners, who have argued for a switch to GMT 1 in winter and GMT 2 in the summer.

Or change us to Central European Time as it is known. Stop the daft clock changing completely would be a more sensible idea, and if they don't want kiddies in Scotland walking to or from school in the dark, I always forget what the argument actually is, change the bloody time the school day starts, or finishes. Simples.


Yes, changing the start times is the obvious solution, however that means applying common sense as well as giving head teachers power.

Of course, it doesn't "give [an] extra hour of daylight", it just moves it from one end of the day to the other. Now that we're on BST, I'm getting up in the dark again. Farmers and non-working people could easily ignore the change, and arrange their day as it suits them regardless of the actual clock time.

(I initially mis-read the end of QM's comment as "giving head teaches power")

Wow, the power of these politicos!

Not only can they turn the tides, lower the seas and cool the planet; they can also give us more light!

I am impressed ... hahahaha what rediculous jerks.

From: An undercover Englishman

This is good for the harmonisation of the British Region under the French Administered West Europe.

This is bad for parents trying to get their children to sleep in daylight.

This is bad for sleepy workers driving to work in the dark.

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