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Earth Hour UK - The Result.

About Earth Hour | WWF Earth Hour

On Saturday 27 March 2010 at 8.30pm, billions of people around the world switched off their lights for one hour – WWF’s Earth Hour. Show you care about climate change.

The Result:


Source: National Grid: Electricity demand - Last 24 Hours

A "massive success" they claim......


I'd like to see the graphs for last Saturday. ....of an average of the last 10 Saturdays.

Wow, a gradual decline in electricity demand starting from a little after nightfall, who could have predicted that!

Heh. We had ours here across the pond as well. Billions of people my hindquarters.

Were you bombarded by commercials with the tots telling you to do the right thing for our planet while holding pictures of polar bears or something of that sort?

Billions of people switched off their lights, then, as they couldn't see to read, switched on their 52" plasma TVs.

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