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Zappa, Montana - Are You In The Gang?

Conformity afflicts all ages – adults can just hide it better - Times Online

Because of its associations with rebellion and standing out from the crowd, pop music is especially adept at making people feel that they are asserting their individuality yet are part of a crowd. Disney, in particular, has finessed this contradictory message in recent years. The success of the music in Hannah Montana is predicated on its ability to make pre-teen pop fans this way. As adults we might think ourselves above such manipulation, but we all take succour in the thought that there are other people who like the music that we like. We all want to fit in somewhere. Even people who hate all music have Frank Zappa.

Umm, maybe sounds better after a trip to the greenhouse...


'Even people who hate all music have Frank Zappa.' This must be randomly generated text. No sane person could entertain such a view.

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