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Healey wants to squeeze profiteers pips

Council tenants who sub-let could face jail for new criminal offence - Times Online

Sub-letting fraud is a civil offence punishable by a modest fine and the loss of tenancy. But Mr Healey intends to make it a criminal offence so that the courts can recover the profits made.
“By unlawfully sub-letting these properties for a profit they deprive families of the homes they need,” Mr Healey told The Times. “I am looking to make this a criminal offence, with tough penalties for the worst offenders to deter those who are thinking of making a fast buck from council housing.”

House still has only one family in it whether it is let by the council or sublet by the tenant, so it seems Mr Healey's anger is against people making a profit. There a perfectly adequate civil legal process already in place, the desire to criminalise everything is the reason Mr Healey needs to face some justice that is neither civil nor legal.


Surely a small alteration to the civil anti-fraud law[s] would be easier, and applicable to more than this small subset of fraud? Forfeit of [provable] profit added to the fine, perhaps larger fine as well?

Ah, but people are angry, so exhort them to expand their anger into a frenzy and get [re-]elected. Genius, and does not require explaining why this practice concerns five percent of the government market or cpmparing to statistics for the same in the non-government market.

Then go back to forcing the replacement of cola having sugar with "natural" fruit juice which has the same amount of sugar, just not (always) added during processing.

But this is a 'problem' that exists ONLY because government intervention has created it.

Why are we renting houses at uneconomic rates? Why not let the market decide? Why on earth does the public sector own housing?

If we MUST subsidise peoples' housing, why don't we simply provide them with the funds to participate in the private market like everyone else? We already pay benefits to just about everyone outside the top few deciles in the UK. It would make much more sense to empower those in social housing as customers and consumers, rather than force them into the role of passive recipients of sub-standard public sector housing?

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