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Polly Toynbee and The Winning Tory Policy

Polly Toynbee

The Tories were winning the economic argument when they kept hammering on one consistent theme: the deficit is the danger, debt is toxic, Gordon is to blame and only Cameron is fiscally serious. The City liked it, so did his party, and axe-swinging austerity seemed to give the novices gravitas.
But ever since this policy, unique around the world, got an embarrassing raspberry from the world's economists at Davos in January, the Tories lost their nerve, zigzagging back and forth. No, the cuts this year would "not be particularly extensive" after all, said Cameron.
Now it's tax giveaways again. Yet he is still promising the deficit would be cut "further, faster, deeper" than Labour. How can that be done?

Simples, ignore the gnomes in Switzerland and go back to the original policy, the one that was winning.
Dave, if you won't listen to the real Tories, will you please listen to Polly when she accidentally points out what you should be doing?


If the Conservatives were actually conservative they would do this without being told.
The fact they they aren't tells you everything you need to know about them.

When he was winning?

A 9 point lead against the worst UK government in the history of the human race is not winning.It is pathetic. Gordo would bring down the average in in an African country and that is saying something. Yet cameron is making no headway.

Cameron should be streets ahead but has never been. He is not fooling the public one bit. After the election I expect him to stand up and like, Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, tear of a mask to reveal Blair.

The economy is not the only policy that the useless git is failing on.

Do you mind, "useless gits" all over the world are now feeling grossly insulted.
The "cast iron" Cam aka The Terminator (slightly effete version) well say and do anything to snatch failure from the jaws of triumph.
EU referendum - oops!
Death tax - oops!
Grammer (sic) schools - oops!
Climate Change and carbon footprints - oops!
Cycle to work - oops!
Ariston and on and on and on.

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