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Boris' Foolish Erection

Olympic Park to get tower 'to rival Eiffel' at the behest of Boris Johnson, the mayor of London.

A twisted lump of metal that looks like a scrapped ride from Alton Towers - chosen by a man who couldn't have a hard-on without categorising it as Doric, Ionic or Corinthian, I don't think so.
You don't fool me, no one is that stupid to suggest such a waste, are they......


Normally I'd suppose this was the Barclay Bugle's April Fool article, but I've already found that. Besides when it concerns the 2012 Olympics it seems the whole bloody thing is being planned and executed using recycled pranks from past April Firsts.

Please tell me this is an April fool.


It doesn't compare to my Doric member; mine's straight and upright, not all twisted and droopy.

Let's face it, this is rubbish.

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