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Remain Your Obedient Servant, please.

Worstall points out the Tory plan for a National Citizen Service or Nationalen Jugendpolitik Sklaverei as I think it better known.

In the article the yet-another-forty-something-Tim, Tim Loughton, Tory former banker now in charge of the Kiddie Portfolio, says this as well;

– we want public sector workers to have a much greater say over what they do and how they do it.

No we bloody well don't, we want public sector workers to do what the public, the people who pay them, want them to do. Not whatever empty headed idea has floated to the front of their minds that week.

Is there no end to Tory stupidity?


I dont think it's conservative stupidity, it's Conservative stupidity.
Cameron is a Conservative but he's most definitely not conservative.

"Is there no end to Tory stupidity?", NO!
Todays article in the Telegraph is stupid and shows him up as devoid of any of the requirements of a PM, or anything else.

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