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Turned away from the inn

Secret tape reveals Tory backing for ban on gays | World news | The Observer

In a recording of the meeting of the Centre for Policy Studies, obtained by the Observer, Grayling makes clear he has always believed that those who run B&Bs should be free to turn away guests.

Iain Dale believes that his views, as expressed, will be damaging and are wrong.This is not about property rights. If you open your house to paying guests, it is no longer just your house. You are running a business, just the same as anyone else, and you should be subject to the same laws as anyone else.

The Devil profoundly disagrees on a philosophical and profane level.

Let me disagree with Iain on a practical level, whatever the law says B&Bs and people who have lodgers are inviting strangers into their own homes, they have to feel happy with them and trust them. Intuition, whims and prejudices all play a part. Anyone who runs such a business is terrified of being sued now for turning away the wrong sort of person who will sue. A dog-whistle from the Tories on this is reassuring to their voters.
Oh and The Devil is right on a the philosophical level as well.


True Blue does not equal pink fascist. Why are gay rights held supreme over everything else?

Well, if you have a local gay business that caters to the gay community(gay bar, sauna etc), now is your chance to close them down..., either become their loyal customer and resident partypooper or sue them into bankruptcy (it's easily done nowadays).

All it takes is a few determined, smart people and this stupid law will turn into an awesome weapon against the very people it seeks to protect.

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