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Food Waste

British households 'throw out almost half a ton of food-related waste' - Telegraph

A range of Government initiatives have been rolled out to address the problem, including the highly controversial practice of "alternate weekly collections'' for domestic waste – collecting food refuse and recyclable waste one week and unrecyclable rubbish the next.
Other ideas include a 'pay-as-you-throw' charge to penalise those who throw out the most unrecycled rubbish.
Supermarkets could also be banned from promoting 'buy-one-get-one free' offers because they encourage waste, under Government proposals.

Guilty- I have just thrown out two pounds of carrots I bought on Thursday from a horny handed son of the soil at his farm shop. I peeled them, seasoned them , par boiled and roasted them and they were just unpleasant, woody and so far past their best I would have been embarrassed to feed them to swine. Luckily I had a bag of Herr Lidl's finest in the freezer to replace them with at the last minute.
It isn't the supermarkets they should be worrying about but the wasteful unprofessional small scale retailers.
If the carrots hadn't been floppy as well as woody, I sympathise, then I know where I should be returning them.
Apart from that the lunch was fine.....


I believe that when they talk about food waste, (and more obviously with "food-related waste"), they include such things as eggshells, orange peel, apple cores, meat bones, etc. etc. etc.

The most practical way to cut down on "food-related waste" is to eschew all "whole" food, and rely entirely on processed & packaged foods from supermarkets.

What actual good that would do anyone is not clear...

I know about half-a-dozen women who always cast into the garbage any item in their refrigerators or freezers which reach the entirely fatuous "sell-by" date. The food is completely edible, the "sell-by" date is an instruction to the supermarket managers, not the consumers!
Every Thursday I trundle my ancient Mother-in-Law along to a near-by branch of a well-known supermarket chain. As an OAP she can buy all sorts of stuff which is within a day or so of its "sell-by" date for an absolute pittance. Example:- one leg of lamb, due to "expire" on the very day of purchase ... £1.00! It was delicious, after having spent a month or more in our deep-freezer.
Stupid labelling has an awful lot to do with the amount of food which is thrown away!

Instead of throwing it away use it as compost. I've prepared three areas at the back of my garden, roughly a square metre each that are filled with kitchen waste, dead flowers, cut grass and even sawdust. I don't put bones in the compost I give them to the dog or the neighbour's dog. Over the winter nature takes its course. In the spring I use the compost for topping up the garden, planting seeds and seedlings. I leave enough soil in two of them to plant my pumkin and melon seeds and the third I fill up again during the summer months. Then once the melons have finished growing I start to refill that area. Finally it's late October and out come the pumkins and in goes the waste.

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