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The Choice is Between a Turd and a Fart

Young, cool, indifferent: digital generation finds it hard to connect - Times Online

Oh goody I'm obviously young and cool as I find it increasingly difficult to "connect" to the fiercely contested election campaign.
A plague on them all as they refuse to "connect" to the real issues, Europe, Climate Change Politics, State intrusion and the loss of traditional liberties, and freeing up schools to take four from my worry list.
The idea of Brown continuing is abhorrent, Cameron unattractive and the rest are a waste of time.
Real Conservatives might wish for Dave to squeak in with a worrying loss of support to UKIP to sharpen him up.
But I'm too young, cool and unconnected to care!


Dave has to lose totally or he will see it as a mandate for every stupid thing he does. I suspect he will narrowly win but I would prefer if Gordo got 1, just one, more than cameron but that LibDims, UKIP, etc. balanced out the house so nothing got done at all. This should lead to cameron being eaten by his own a true conservative coming in and when an election is forced a big win for the Tories if UKIP have not sortedout themselves by then.

I recommend the following South Park episode, entitled 'Douche and Turd' as exemplifying our choices: http://www.xepisodes.com/episodes/808/Douche-and-Turd.html

It also contains the best song ever for encouraging the youth vote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCF4NJS-gBw (possibly NSFW, even though its been bleeped!)

Pointlessly fought faux election campaign.

Labour must lose but the "conservatives" must not win; they are both saying the same thing. The twit Cameron and his crew must be gone. The kindest and most accurate statement about Cameron, given his holy windmill power on his rooftop, is that he is a propellor head.

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