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Free up the schools!

'Disastrous' SNP policy blamed after 1,000 teachers head south of Border - Scotsman.com News

Reports show more than 1,000 Scottish teachers have signed up to work in England over the last four years....official statistics revealed record numbers of Scots teachers are now unemployed...
"Given the severe financial constraints on local authorities, we need far more emphasis on removing the rigidities within the labour market for teachers, most especially the geographical immobility which reduces the numbers of teachers willing to work outside the main cities and Central Belt area, and the inflexibilities which headteachers face when they want to advertise for new jobs."
Allowing headteachers to offer greater pay for teachers in hard-to-fill jobs such as those in rural areas and deprived communities could encourage teachers to take up jobs in Scotland rather than move to cities in England.


The real SNP disaster was the pledge to reduce all primary school classes to eighteen children or fewer.

One obvious consequence was that the Teacher Training colleges were encouraged to take on large number of new trainees to fill the new jobs that would result.

Then it turnd out that the SNP didn't actually have any budget to pay the wages of all those new teachers.

So the end result - thousands of trained teachers, for whom there is no job. Hence the exodus to England*.

Another triumph for Central Planning. Clearly we need more of it, let's elect more socialist governments!

* And it's lucky this didn't happen the other way around, because due to a Union-inspired restrictive practice, English-trained teachers are not regarded as qualified to teach in Scotland - they have to re-train, in Scotland, first. Not a lot of people know that.

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