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Rolling back the State - Not.

Telegraph View: The marked difference between Labour and the Conservatives makes this election the most important one for a generation.

Mr Darling has let the cat out of the bag. He believes the economy is the state and that the state knows best how to spend our money. The private sector, which will actually power the recovery, does not seem to figure in their thinking. This is unreconstructed Big Government, red in tooth and claw. It is as if the Blair revolution had never happened.

This is a fundamental ideological divide that plays direct to the Tories’ strengths. David Cameron’s landmark speech last week on the Big Society envisages a revolutionary change in the relationship between citizen and state. The Conservative leader wants people to become more self-reliant, more responsible for their own actions, more active in their communities, more involved in the running of their public services. And he wants government to get off their backs. It is an exciting vision that can only be realised if the state divests itself of many of the powers – not least over the spending of our money – that it has accrued in recent decades.

Spot on about Darling, but do you believe the Tories will really roll back the State? Especially when all they will become is a branch manager for the EU superstate? A state with powers they seem not to want to roll back.


And something like a 1% difference in spending.

I quite like Cameron's expression: "the great ignored" because it really does sum up the people that all 3 parties have been happily ignoring for the past 5 years: the people who start small businesses, the people who want to support themselves.

Then he comes out and spoils it all by talking about "Don't ask what the government can do for you but what we can all do to make society stronger" which misses what "the great ignored" want. They want government to do their job properly and to then leave them alone.

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