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Plods Antipodean Antisocial Proposal

It's the car park clink for sleeping off Saturday night - Scotsman.com News

Police in a town once branded Scotland's "toughest" are to build a cabin-style "modular custody suite" in its car park to deal with a surplus of offenders at weekends.

I have been advocating for some time that Plod uses shipping containers for drunks. Cut a few holes for ventilation, add some bars to split up the inside, drop them off in the Market Place for Saturday night and when the trouble makers have sobered up in the morning just rinse it out. Simple, cheap and effective, but it seems my plan would fall foul of Human Rights and so instead of my couple of thousand pound idea they are going to spend £750,000 for a ten cell block. £75,000 a berth!
A video of a prototype is here.


Excellent idea, using 40' shipping containers. Should be able to get round the human rights nonsense by the brewers and wine shippers voluntarily putting up the sort of nadgering sign so beloved of Nanny to the effect "Alcohol intoxicates. It is a condition of sale that you agree to surrender your rights to any respect while drunk". That should do it.
(I've never understood why some enterprising cigarette manufacturer doesn't put his own warning sign in packets "Governments kill", "Governments steal your money and freedom", etc., etc.)

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