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Tory Donor Supports Conservative Views - Shock Horror!

Publicity-shy Conservative donor revealed as paymaster of anti-European activists | Politics | The Observer

Embarrassment for the Tories as Swiss-born supporter is found to have given money to a group that wants Britain to leave the EU

Henry Angest has funnelled almost £7m to the Tories in loans and donations over the past nine years, according to an Observer investigation.

But he also backs lesser-known political groups that question scientific claims for climate change, campaign for the UK's withdrawal from the EU and seek to further the country's ties with the US radical right. Reportedly worth £45m, the 69-year-old is a trenchant critic of attempts to impose greater regulation on the City. He is equally scathing about the UK's "punitive tax system", including the recent levy on bankers' bonuses.

Apart from the fact the amounts he has given to these groups is chickenfeed what exactly is unConservative with those beliefs?


Sounds like a good egg all round, then (though I'd like to know more about the American "radical right", as Iv'e found that rags like the Observer tend not to define "right" the same way I do).

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