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The Two Nation Labour Manifesto

Labour campaign trail splits in two at Border - Scotsman.com News

In Birmingham, Gordon Brown published a document he insisted would secure Britain's recovery with a group of policies designed to win votes in middle England.
In Motherwell, on the site of the former Ravenscraig steel works, Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy revealed the party's Scottish manifesto, stuffed with pledges on devolved issues that Labour cannot deliver even in the event of a general election victory.
23 of the pledges made in the Scottish manifesto could not be delivered by a UK government, including education promises such as small group tuition for struggling school pupils, and policies on crime such as the introduction of mandatory jail sentences for anyone caught carrying a knife – a policy not included in the UK-wide document.
And many of the party's commitments in the rest of the UK were absent from the Scottish manifesto, including the establishment of registered supporters' trusts to buy football clubs, and protection for rural pubs.
Plans to increase democratic accountability for local government services will not be part of the party's Scottish campaign, neither will plans to allow parents to change the leadership of schools that do not meet standards.

The different versions of one part of the manifesto.

You will notice they speak slower and louder and with a cute regional accent to the Scotties, how sweet!

The Full Scotch One is below the fold for those with a strong constitution:


That is strange. Two different versions.

It's almost as if they have no intention of delivering on them....

LOL. It's not like they have any expectationsof delivering on them.

How that isn't being shouted from every anti Labour person in this country is beyond me.

Mandatory jail sentences for anyone caught carrying a knife? Step away from that pork chop and come with me, sir.

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