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The People's Choice of Election Music

Politicians fear angry electorate will lead to hung parliament - Times Online

Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg go into tomorrow’s historic televised debate facing a wall of public antipathy amid a tightening race.
A new Populus poll for The Times reveals deep disenchantment with the campaign so far and high levels of scepticism about manifesto pledges and the parties’ honesty.
More voters are now hoping for a hung Parliament than either a Tory or a Labour outright victory.

A mere 4 per cent think that the parties are being completely honest with voters about their tax plans and only 6 per cent about their approaches to cutting the deficit.
43 per cent were unconvinced by any party.


It's a bitter pill to swallow to see what has happened to our Conservative Party and the result is in what your post has reported here. Heads will roll, I'm quite sure. To put it bluntly, there should never have been the need for an Albion Alliance, there should never have been the need for a UKIP. The Tories should be storming home.

I agree with James above; if the tories had got off their well-upholstered bottoms and listened to what we want they'd never have been in this mess. Fortunately my MP is Douglas Carswell, so I have no hard choice to make.
It did also strike me that, given the lamentable standard of popular education in this country, the people questioned don't know the difference between "hung" and "hanged" and it may well be the latter of which they are in favour. I can certainly subscribe my own 10' length of rope and I've got a copy of Marwood's Tables somewhere.

Unfortunately, it seems that many will go with the Devil they know and we'll all be damned as a consequence!

P.S. I think Marwood's tables would need some revision, given the well padded butts on both sides of the table. But personally I think we should start with the current incumbents 'Pour encourager les autres'. It's a matter of taste of course.

Disputin, Charlie, many thanks for the references to Marwood. I had never heard of him, and it was most interesting to look him up.

Those b*stids Disputin and Green Charlie got in first, so all I can add is that that sentence started off really well

'Politicians fear angry electorate'

and we need to encourage a lot more of this positive attitude.

Hung parliment? Hangin's too good for 'em. Break them on the wheel first.

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