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Keeping the Lippy on a PitBull

Sarah Palin wants what? Bendy straws and a private jet, please - Times Online

Bendy straws! Ha Ha!.

I may not know much about personal grooming but even I know that once the lipstick is on for a big occasion sensible girls use a straw to drink their water through. Do none of the sneerers know that? Maybe the men aren't used to being around immaculate ladies but surely even Democrats girls sometimes try and present themselves....


Yep, I use a straw. Otherwise I get drink stuck in my moustache.

By golly, not only does she get almost a third of All Gory's fees, she wants to be comfortable on air travel of more than three hours! How horrible!

I went to the site yesterday and read the first twenty comments - about sixteen called it ridiculous. Probably the intent was to point out that California Unis were spending recklessly, which is debatable, but it reads as a stupid "hit" piece and has been treated as such even by Californians.

Democrats girls, not being particularly pretty or even particular, don't try and present themselves so much as they launch themselves like hairy missiles...

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