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Quiet Halcyon Day - Enjoy it whilst you can

Britain turns into no fly zone due to volcanic ash cloud - Telegraph

As I await my Pompeian end the sun shines and for the second time in a decade I can enjoy the clean blue skies of Wiltshire without contrails and the noise of aircraft. A rare opportunity, and unlike the last time not spoilt by knowing the cause.
But as BoM says: One day we know there will be a terrible reckoning.
But out in the bright Spring sunshine, it all seems so far away.
So here we are with our phoney election. Producing in all probability a phoney result. A result that will not provide a mandate for the kind of drastic action needed, and which leads straight down that old primrose path to a full-blown financial crisis, and huge emergency cuts to meet IMF conditions.
We are not confronting the real issue facing us, and it is nobody's fault but our own.
Hey ho. Time for a walk in that sunshine.


Enjoy the sunshine while you can, and make ready for the Fimbulvetr

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