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The Leaders Debate - Who Really Won?

Nice Nicey Cleggy won on the night with his oh so sincere talking to the camera, Gordon did very well in controlling himself and managing to look human. He can do it and the training is paying off.
Cameron was scared rigid by the instructions he had to remember - hands to the side, no fidgeting, look at the questioner, furrow brow, mention x, use phrase y and so on.
The morning after I think the enthusiasm the instant results showed for Clegg will wear off as the enthusiasm for Barcadi Breezers does, they don't seem such a good idea in the cold light of dawn.
Brown will be recalled as a dog's walking on his hinder legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all. But Cameron's personable, knowledgeable but quite aloof performance will stick in the mind as the most statesmanlike.
Room for improvement next time but Dave was the winner, and anyway, so what if the cute puppy with the yellow rosette was the favourite in show, he isn't going to win, or hold the balance of power.


Excluding the core party voters the electorate are really fed up this time. They could vote for Clegg as a protest vote. maybe not enough for him to win but maybe hold the balanceof power.

As far as policies go. Nobody really understands them or those that do don't believe them so what difference does policy make?

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