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Iceland Isolates Europe - æpa heróp

Volcanic ash cloud gets bigger as travel chaos grows - Scotsman.com News

EUROPE'S air travel chaos deepened yesterday as scientists warned that the volcanic ash cloud spewing from an Icelandic volcano is expected to hover over the continent for the next five days.
Icelandic authorities announced that the volcano was still belching out ash.
"The ash will continue to be directed towards Britain and Scandinavia," Teitur Arason, of the Icelandic Meteorological Office, said yesterday.
before he excused himself and collapsed in a fit of giggles yet again.
"When will you get the message we really really don't want to join you, give up our fish and pay out the blackmail demand?"
Flights to and from America from Iceland are unaffected and on schedule.
When we say no, we mean no, and if you refuse to listen we play dirty!


"When we say no, we mean no, and if you refuse to listen we play dirty!"

Where can we get a bloody volcano from? That's what I want to know...

Does this sound familiar?
"The decision to close the [UK, EU] airspace was made exclusively as a result of data from a computer simulation...

Not one single weather balloon has been sent up to measure how much volcanic ash is in the air"


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