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England, the love that dares not speak its name

England 'least patriotic' country - Telegraph

Respondents were questioned on several aspects of national pride, with English people judging their overall level of patriotism to be 5.8 out of ten on average – the lowest of the nine nations.
One in four English adults said 'political correctness' had left them feeling ashamed to be English, while forty per cent said they felt England had completely lost its national identity.
Just ten per cent said they would happily fly the national flag on their house or in their garden, compared to more than a third of Dutch people, with more than a quarter saying they feared being called racist if they did so.
However, forty per cent of English people said they were happy to express their national pride in private.

I spent an hour last night trying to find a tune for this week's Friday Night is Music Night, something suitably English. I failed to find almost anything on Youtube which wasn't toe-curlingly cringeworthyly soppy, or dog-whistling racist or just crass. I think the English find all this patriotism stuff just embarrassing, we know we are best so why make a song and dance out of it?


Amen brother. Wanted: spines for my fellow Englishmen.

The reason is obvious. From time immemorial all the very best Englishment have left the country to venture to parts where be dragons. Of course, by 'best' I do make exception for the Yoeman Farmers of England, such as your good and wholesome self who stay at home to tend the sheep and turnips. They keep company with the 'lesser' souls who would otherwise wait to become cannon-fodder.

And I am the very model of a modern English gentleman who lives abroad in native lands bringing civilisation to the savagery. In fact I moved, quite some decades ago, to Tasmania which is about as far as one can get from England without leaving the planet altogether.

It is ideal here. Not only is the weather pleasantly a good ten degrees higher than back in my native Warwickshire but the nearest volcano is a good 5000 miles to the north west and the planes still fly in and out of Hobart. And - get this - we have a very nice Queen, that you pay for. She lives 12000 miles away and only drops in once a decade.

Altogether very nice. By the Lord Harry, I feel patriotic.

Bravo that man Amfortas!

I can almost hear that being set to music by Gilbert and Sullivan.

I have to applaud the Flanders and Swann, what's more English than a good sense of humour. Surely musically something classical, Holst, Elgar or Vaughan Williams? With some pictures of rolling green hills and rosy-rumped maidens? Too John Major?

Dear Tim,

Not one I'd come across before. I did have the great honour of hoicking Flanders out of his wheelchair into my car in the late 60s !

Another place to find Englishness must surely be the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band ?

Alan Douglas

The Telegraph has for some time been in the hands of the Roman church. That church has not forgiven, and will not forgive, the English for the rejection of the the "one true faith". Anything you read in this paper should be taken with a pinch of holy water, but not too holy, only Rome style holy.

I have proven that I am human by typing "Harry" so there is nothing you Romans can do to me.

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