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RSPCA - Sod the animals, let's get policing

Cost cuts mean RSPCA shelters will turn away stray or unwanted pets - Times Online
The RSPCA will turn away stray or unwanted pets from animal shelters from next month to cut costs and focus on policing animal cruelty, according to a memo obtained by Channel 4 News.

Policing, hectoring and bullying, and shooting animals. The RSPCA has abandoned its fine history of opposing cruelty and helping and become another arm of the militant campaigners, sheathed in the goodwill from the deluded and generous public. More here and here


Well, to be fair, they are the 'Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals', not the 'Royal Society for the Housing of Animals already the subjects of cruelty'.

It is about time the Queen withdrew their warrant,and that of the RSPB also, whilst she is still able to. Neither is doing the job they were set up to do and are now deep into areas beyond their joint competence. As always, in this type of organisation, the few good people are outnumbered by the inadequate and the inept.

Also see here, in the US, the 'Humane Society' is another such money spinning outfit that gets fat on 'charity' and is finally nailed for what it is: a PR outfit with an agenda to outlaw all pets and lifestock into extinction.


This is a global business model by now.

... to cut costs and focus on policing animal cruelty

Who suddenly gave RSPCA the same powers as properly appointed constables?

Can you say "Fake Charity"??

The links to this item show a great many comments resoundingly denouncing the RSPCA for its actions, and there is without doubt a considerable level of provocative action carried out by RSPCA Inspectors and managemnt at headquarters level which needs investigation. However, it must be recognised that the individual centres are run by managers and staff who are at the forefront of not just this public outrage, but at the demands made by those Inspectors and headquarters management. They are populated and run by dedicated staff who have only the animals welfare at heart, and having to take decisions to end the lives of some animals is not lightly done. They are also the ones who have brought into them pets which have been in a family for many years, and have until just recently had to accept these long term family pets because the family has had enough of an old and perhaps incontinent animal and the RSPCA is sought as an alternative to taking the responsibility of that animal themselves, and passing it on as a re-homable pet. It invariably is not, and may have expensive medication associated with its ongoing life leaving it with no hope for a quality future having been abandoned by its long term parent family, and little chance of a new home amongst many who visit the centres for a nice friendly puppy. This is not what the 'Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' part stood for - ever, yet the centres are inundated with such pets as they have continued to take them in out of compassion.

Another side of the story is that certain dogs that have been maltreated due to their being trained as drug dealers dogs and not fulfilled their intended task, are dumped, left tied to the centres gates in the early hours, or maybe so aggressive that no-one can get near them. 'Case' animals - those removed pending a case of neglect or cruelty - have to remain in kennels for the period of time a case is ongoing, and that could be a year or more. Dogs go kennel crazy, they cannot be re-homed if they are a 'case', nor can they be destroyed pending the case outcome. If such a dog manages to get through that experience unscathed, it has to be appraised for re-homing. No dog that has any history of biting or attacking a person can be re-homed, as the onus would be upon the centre, staff, and the RSPCA if such a dog attacked and killed anyone - and young children are the most vulnerable in that direction. Would you allow a dog known to be 'food protective' to a home with an 18 month old child and have no concerns of a possible outcome?

I could list hardships that staff have to suffer and encounter daily, but all I have read so far is a blanket denounciation of the RSPCA, without it would seem, any of the detractors having first hand inside knowledge of work at any one centre and how they manage. Each is allocated a budget for the year, and cuts in funding and staff allocation are ongoing along with increases in animal 'turnover'. This is just one reason why the decision from headquarters has been to stop taking in unwanted pets over the counter - despite staff at centres knowing full well it will lead to even more animals abandoned and perhaps mistreated, and about which many are far from happy. It is a headquarters decision, made in the knowledge that centres are oversubscribed with pets abandoned to them on grounds of age or ill health.

This is just a glimpse beyond the edge of a coin that seems to be viewed from one side only at present. I would urge all who are ready to criticise to find out more from your local centre about what kind of problems they are facing with regard to relieveing the suffering of animals in their care, and the problems of seeking suitable homes for them. Headquarters have little to do with day to day running - they are in effect - in another world. But the Blunderbuss of accusation at Inspectors and RSPCA policy hits all who care, it is indiscriminate in its target. Can we please have some balance and respect for the many individuals who run and work at the various centres, and who at times are threatened with abuse from so called 'concerned' members of the public? Centres often run fund raising activities, these funds are for ongoing vetinary fees for the animals at that centre - and they are desperately needed. What funds are donated to headquarters, the centres know nothing of.


Policing, hectoring and bullying, and shooting animals. The RSPCA has abandoned its fine history of opposing cruelty and helping and become another arm of the militant campaigners, sheathed in the goodwill from the deluded and generous public. More here and here

So well put. Yet another front to have to fight on.

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