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True Believers Must Keep It Secret Demand All Parties

Catholic Church criticises ban on candidates declaring beliefs - Scotsman.com News

THE Scottish Catholic Church has condemned the leaders of the main political parties for banning their candidates from signing up to a declaration of Christian beliefs.
Cardinal Keith O'Brien was one of the 30 leading religious figures along with former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey to draw up the Westminster 2010 Declaration which sought to turn the Christian vote into a more unified political force.
The Westminster 2010 document was based on an American initiative last year called the Manhattan Declaration and asked candidates to support family values, oppose abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia.
The Scotsman learnt of the edict by party leaders from one of the organisers of the declaration, who described it as "shocking interference on matters of individual conscience".

So candidates aren't allowed to declare themselves to be true believers in matters of religion, unlike climate change....


So. Only specific religions then.

Soon the politicians will have things perfectly arranged to their liking!

At last they'll be able to conduct elections unencumbered by that tiresome old practice of telling the voters what they believe in or what they stand for.

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